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Recently Painted:
Artist: Ulysses/Ldysseus
Title: Greek Hero and Adventurer
Recently Painted:
Artist: David pelbam
Title: Old Sea Captain
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Monet, Claude
(French, 1840-1926)

Page Two

Title: The Bridge at Argenteuil

Painting ID: I1041

Title: Impression, Soleil levant (Impression Sunrise)

Painting ID: I1042

Title: The Luncheon

Painting ID: I1043

Title: Pleasure boats at Argenteuil

Painting ID: I1044

Title: Water Lilies

Painting ID: I1045

Title: Water-Lily Pond, Symphony in Green

Painting ID: I1046

Title: View of Argenteuil

Painting ID: I1047

Title: The Parc Monceau

Painting ID: I1048

Title: Self-Portrait

Painting ID: I1049

Title: Houses of Parliament, London

Painting ID: I1050

Title: Venice. The Doge Palace

Painting ID: I1051

Title: Palazzo da Mula. Venice

Painting ID: I1052

Title: Water-Lilies. 1914

Painting ID: I1053

Title: Blue Water Lilies. 1916-1919

Painting ID: I1054

Title: Water-Lilies. 1917

Painting ID: I1055

Title: Water-Lilies. 1917

Painting ID: I1056

Title: Reflets sur l'eau. 1917

Painting ID: I1057

Title: Weeping Willow. 1919

Painting ID: I1058

Title: Roses

Painting ID: I1059

Title: The Japanese Bridge in Giverny

Painting ID: I1060

Title: The Albaine Tower. 1893-1894

Painting ID: I1061

Title: Houses at Argenteuil

Painting ID: I1062

Title: Haystack at the Sunset near Giverny

Painting ID: I1063

Title: Poplars. Four Trees

Painting ID: I1064

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