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Recently Painted:
Artist: Ulysses/Ldysseus
Title: Greek Hero and Adventurer
Recently Painted:
Artist: David pelbam
Title: Old Sea Captain
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Wassily Kandinsky
(Russian-French, 1866-1944)

Page One

Title: Church in Marnau

Painting ID: Ab1015

Title: Improvisation 31

Painting ID: Ab1016

Title: Composition X, 1939

Painting ID: Ab1017

Title: Around the Circle, 1940

Painting ID: Ab1018

Title: Sky Blue, 1940

Painting ID: Ab1019

Title: Untitled, 1941

Painting ID: Ab1020

Title: Twilight, 1943

Painting ID: Ab1021

Title: White Figure, 1943

Painting ID: Ab1022

Title: Tempered Elan, 1944

Painting ID: Ab1023

Title: Lyrisches (Lyrical)

Painting ID: Ab1024

Title: Composition VI

Painting ID: Ab1025

Title: Landscape

Painting ID: Ab1026

Title: Study for the Sluice

Painting ID: Ab1027

Title: The Blue Rider

Painting ID: Ab1028

Title: Holland - Beach Chairs

Painting ID: Ab1029

Title: Blue Mountain

Painting ID: Ab1030

Title: Crinolines

Painting ID: Ab1031

Title: Picture with Archer

Painting ID: Ab1032

Title: Volga Son, 1906

Painting ID: Ab1033

Title: Colorful Life, 1907

Painting ID: Ab1034

Title: Munich-Schwabing with the Church of St. Ursula

Painting ID: Ab1035

Title: The Blue Mountain

Painting ID: Ab1036

Title: Arabs I, 1909

Painting ID: Ab1037

Title: Cemetery and Vicarage in Kochel, 1909

Painting ID: Ab1038

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