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Artist: Ulysses/Ldysseus
Title: Greek Hero and Adventurer
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Artist: David pelbam
Title: Old Sea Captain
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Hokusai, Katsushika
(Japanese, 1760-1849)

Page One

Title: The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

Painting ID: HK2001

Title: A green hilly view of Mt. Fuji over a lake

Painting ID: HK2002

Title: View of a Ferry

Painting ID: HK2003

Title: Rocky view of Mt. Fuji with Lightning

Painting ID: HK2004

Title: Mt. Fuji in a Sunset

Painting ID: HK2005

Title: Mt. Fuji in the Sunset

Painting ID: HK2006

Title: A Fishing Boat with Mt. Fuji

Painting ID: HK2007

Title: A Woodworking seen with Mt. Fuji in the background

Painting ID: HK2008

Title: Mt. Fuji with Its Reflection in the Water.

Painting ID: HK2009

Title: A Village with Mt. Fuji in the Background

Painting ID: HK2010

Title: Measuring a Pine Tree at Mishima Pass in Ko Province

Painting ID: HK2011

Title: The Dragon on Smoke Escaping from Mt Fuji

Painting ID: HK2012

Title: A silk fan painting "Balloon Flower"

Painting ID: HK2013

Title: Beauty with an Umbrella under a Willow

Painting ID: HK2014

Title: Wagtail in a Snowfall

Painting ID: HK2015

Title: Ejiri in Suruga Province (A Sudden Gust of Wind)

Painting ID: HK2016

Title: Boy on Mt. Fuji

Painting ID: HK2017

Title: Flock of Chickens

Painting ID: HK2018

Title: Ghost Emerging from Well

Painting ID: HK2019

Title: Skeletal Ghost

Painting ID: HK2020

Title: Horned Figure with Child's Head

Painting ID: HK2021

Title: Lantern-Headed Ghost

Painting ID: HK2022

Title: Snake

Painting ID: HK2023

Title: The Waterfall where Yoshitsune Washed his Horse, Yoshino, Yamato Province

Painting ID: HK2024

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